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Home Renovations In Mandurah

Intelligent Home Renovations In Mandurah

A renovation is a fantastic way to upgrade your home and increase its value. It does not cost anywhere near as much as an extension or whole house remodel but delivers similar results.
Compass Homes can provide you with smart home renovations in Mandurah so you can enjoy a brand new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, or whatever room or group of rooms you are looking to renovate.
As a registered builder, you can deal directly with us and get specific information on quotes and pricing. Our ethos is to give you all the information as quickly as possible, so you can reach your own conclusions. This leads to a better relationship and ultimately a better outcome.
The building industry is not well known for its openness and transparency in terms of pricing and deadlines. But we are. And we have the portfolio and testimonials to prove it.
Call Reece Grantham now on 0403 724 878 for intelligent home renovations in Mandurah, where you get to make the decisions, armed with the data.

How much does a home renovation cost?

This will depend on the type of renovation you are working on. Renovating a living room might cost around $5,000 – $10,000. Renovating a kitchen might cost between $10,000 – $20,000. Renovating a deck might cost between $3,000 – $7,500. You have to take into account the labour and materials. If you are in the market for something niche – like a hardwood deck or a granite worktop – it is going to add considerably to the end cost.

What costs more, a renovation or a remodel?

The remodel will cost more as it involves more labour and materials. When doing a remodel, you are probably going to be doing a renovation anyway. You can even think of it as simply a bigger kind of renovation that involves the structure of the house itself.

Why should I choose Compass Homes for home renovations in Mandurah?

We have 28 years of industry experience in completing renovations in Mandurah. We are a local business familiar with the residents and have a strong reputation to uphold. We further offer personalised services dedicated to your unique tastes.
Compass Homes takes the time to inform clients of what the project will entail, completion times, and budgets. We’ll advise on what is best for your home but let you have the final say in terms of design.

What is the process for home renovation?

Because a renovation is merely an upgrade to the existing rooms in your abode, the process is relatively simple. If you are renovating your kitchen you may not need planning permission – the pipes and internal structure is going to be the same and you are likely only going to be upgrading appliances and doing some rearranging. So you will typically just need to call up the contractor for prices and quotes without worrying too much about approvals. If approvals are needed, the builder will take care of them.
You can finalise a design with the builder and the tradies will then come to your home to complete the project. The process should be done within 8 weeks. Of course, there is also something called a whole house renovation, which has a lot more moving parts to account for.

How much of my home can I renovate?

You can opt for a whole house renovation if you want, though this is technically a remodel as opposed to a renovation. It is more common for people to only renovate one or two rooms, however. It is easier from a financial perspective and also much more convenient (a whole house renovation can cause a lot of disruption).

What is the difference between an extension, a remodel, and a renovation?

This can be confusing because many people (including builders) will use these terms interchangeably. Technically, an extension is when you add a room or storey to your existing structure. A remodel involves changing the structure itself in some fashion. And a renovation is to upgrade a given room but without making significant structural changes. Whatever definition you use, we can provide home extensions, remodels, and renovations for you. We also offer custom builds and new homes.

Do I need approvals and permits to conduct a home renovation in Mandurah?

You need approval for practically everything nowadays. But you don’t have to worry about it as we submit all the forms and are familiar with all the legal requirements as a licenced and registered design and build service.

What are the advantages of home renovations in Mandurah?

A renovation has multiple benefits. It helps to ensure safety and compliance if you have an older kitchen or bathroom. You get to upgrade the room which makes a nice change. And upgrades in kitchens and bathrooms can seriously increase the resale value of your home. Many potential buyers will decide on a house purchase based on the kitchen and bathroom, so it pays to make sure they are tasteful and modern.
Call Reece Grantham now on 0403 724 878 for intelligent home renovations in Mandurah, where you call the shots and reap the rewards.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Compass Homes, WA is fast, courteous and affordable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home plan and wants to build!
Hayden Clark
Great customer service and I really enjoyed working with the people at Compass Homes, WA. They’re quick to answer my questions and worked hard to make sure I had what I needed.
Samantha Adams
I asked for multiple changes and all were quickly touched and requested. Communication is exceptionally good. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. I recommend Compass Homes WA to anyone.
Ariana Gilbert

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