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Three-Storey Homes Mandurah

Quality Three-Storey Homes In Mandurah

Getting a high-quality three-storey home design in Mandurah is more difficult in comparison to single or double-storey designs. This is due to the added complexity and detail involved in this particular house, which will require scaffolding and other features for a successful build.
But this should not deter those looking for their dream home. Compass Homes have completed numerous multi-storey homes designs in Mandurah, and you can check out some of our work in the gallery below.
Home Extensions Mandurah
If you want a multi-storey home In Mandurah, Chris, Reece and their team have the perfect solution for your needs, taste and budget.
Our team is ready and waiting to assist in all your new home requirements and to make the experience of building your next home a pleasant one.
Come in and visit us today.
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What are the advantages of a three-storey build?

These homes have the advantage of increased space, better views, and heightened thermal efficiency. With the increased space you have more room to do as you wish. The three-storey build might cost more in the short run, but will save in the longer term.

What are the challenges of three-storey homes in Mandurah?

The foundation needs to be able to accommodate the height and we need scaffolding and other items so the builders can work safely on the site. For the buyer, the main challenge would be the increased cost and a slightly more complex interior design job. There is simply more to do.

Can every contractor build three-storey homes in Mandurah?

No building contractor will ever admit to inexperience in a given area. But you need to carefully select who you work with. Building a 3 storey home is not something to take lightly. It takes a keen eye and the ability to coordinate with multiple other people to do it affordably yet functionally. Compass Homes works with new home buyers looking to make the most of vertical space at a time of increasing plot prices. We can tell you if a 3 storey makes sense and will be able to carry out the build in the most efficient manner, keeping you informed on every step of the journey.

What is a typical layout for a home with three floors?

The ground floor contains the living rooms and kitchen, and potentially a games room. Upstairs you will find the bedrooms and bathrooms. You can make a loft out of the third storey and even have a balcony rooftop for barbecues and entertaining. This is a very simple layout and there is room for lots of innovation within these simple interior design structures. But the these homes allow home allows for more space for designing the house just the way you like it.

Can you add a third floor to my two-storey home?

Yes, we can. Technically, this would be a home extension. The idea is to add the extra storey to your home without compromising on the original structure. The dimensions and design materials need to replicate the two-storey to maintain balance. We can also make your single storey into a 3 storey, but this will take a lot of planning. Before we do this, we would have to assess the strength of the original design to see if the additional storeys can be accommodated.

What are the benefits of using Compass Homes for homes in Mandurah?

We use cost-effective and energy efficient materials and our homes are built to last. Our designs are uniquely tailored to your preferences and we offer a personalised experience. We go one step further than our competitors in the sense that we look to educate the home buyer on the entire process so they have more information in terms of what goes into a home build. This eliminates communication difficulties and keeps everything honest.
Call Reece Grantham on 0403 724 878 or email us.

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Compass Homes, WA is fast, courteous and affordable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home plan and wants to build!
Hayden Clark
Great customer service and I really enjoyed working with the people at Compass Homes, WA. They’re quick to answer my questions and worked hard to make sure I had what I needed.
Samantha Adams
I asked for multiple changes and all were quickly touched and requested. Communication is exceptionally good. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. I recommend Compass Homes WA to anyone.
Ariana Gilbert

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