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Custom Homes In Mandurah

Tailored Custom Homes In Mandurah

At Compass Homes, we love custom builds. We work with clients to ensure their exact requirements are met and to inform them as to the relevant information on the project. A custom-built home requires trust and collaboration to pull off correctly. And the end result will be your dream home.
We have over 28 years of experience with custom build homes in Mandurah and offer personalised, affordable, and straightforward building techniques.
Whether you are after a single, double, or triple storey custom build home in Mandurah, we have the solution at Compass Homes.
We are waiting for your call so we can embark on a new, creative, and exciting custom home venture in Mandurah with you.
Call Reece Grantham on 0403 724 878 or email us today for a quote.

What is the cost of building a custom home?

The most direct way to price home builds (or any kind of construction project) is in the price per square metre. This eliminates a lot of ambiguity. While the cost for an average home in Australia is $1393 per square metre, a custom home might range from $1,500 – $3,000 per square metre. This cost is non-inclusive of the land or approvals. It’s also separate from using an external architect, who can be very expensive while also adding to the total construction costs.
In terms of cost, be very diligent in your research. Finishing costs can add to the final price tag significantly, as can a site that is difficult to build upon. In fact, you should understand the pricing process in as much detail as you can. The following costs are separate from the building price:

Why are custom builds more expensive?

There are multiple reasons why custom build homes in Mandurah are more expensive than buying a regular home or building an ordinary unit. With a custom build, the materials will often be non-standard and can cost more. There is more complex due to the special requirements that are needed. There may also be frequent changes to the design. However, you can make back some of the cost when you sell, provided your home is well designed.

How much experience does Compass Homes have in custom build homes?

We have over 28 years of experience with custom build homes in Mandurah. Moreover, we are registered with the WA Building Commission (Member Number 12565) and our ABN is 42166821021. We are licenced, insured, registered, and highly experienced with custom build homes. And we love to do it!

What is the process of building a custom home?

A custom build process is similar to a standard home build in terms of the actual construction. Because regardless of the size or type, each home is going to need:
The core components of building the home are the same. However, the custom built home is different from the standard build in one specific area. The client will be involved in the design process intimately. A custom built home might even use the services of an architect for the design and bring this blueprint to the builder. Alternatively, the client might use a design and construct builder as this is often a lot easier to bring to fruition. Finally, with a custom home, the client will be kept up to date on all developments.

What is the main advantage of custom build homes in Mandurah?

The primary advantage is that you get the exact home that you are looking for. You can shrink a bedroom, expand the kitchen, put a deck where it is going to get the most sun, have as many windows as reasonably possible, use whatever materials you want, and much more. Custom build homes in Mandurah allow you the creative freedom to do as you like.

What is the primary disadvantage of custom build homes in Mandurah?

The primary disadvantage of custom build homes in Mandurah would have to be the cost (though time is also a factor, as it will not be completed as swiftly as a prefabricated home purchase). Project homes are designed to be low cost and use materials that are priced affordably and can be bought in bulk. This does not mean low-quality, just that such materials perform an adequate job only. If you want to have specialty roof tiles, flooring, or plumbing, then it is going to cost a lot more.

Should I go with a custom build home or not?

We recommend a mix, using a preset design with selective customisation. If you go completely freestyle, then costs are going to mount up. And some of your changes might not make that much sense on reflection. A lot of buyers who start with custom builds end up buying instead due to all of the questions that need to be answered and due to a lack of understanding as to how the process works.
Call Reece Grantham now on 0403 724 878 for specifically tailored custom build homes in Mandurah.
We’ll work with you to achieve the desired result, whatever it may be.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Compass Homes, WA is fast, courteous and affordable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home plan and wants to build!
Hayden Clark
Great customer service and I really enjoyed working with the people at Compass Homes, WA. They’re quick to answer my questions and worked hard to make sure I had what I needed.
Samantha Adams
I asked for multiple changes and all were quickly touched and requested. Communication is exceptionally good. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. I recommend Compass Homes WA to anyone.
Ariana Gilbert

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