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About Us

About Compass Homes WA

Compass Homes is based in Mandurah, WA, and has a stellar reputation in the area for the quality of service, communication, affordability, and bespoke design. We are registered builders that also provide design to save you the hassle of finding an architect and builder separately!
We focus on building relationships between people and have a deep process to find out what clients are looking for and then informing them as to the feasibility of producing it. We realised early on that one of the biggest difficulties of the building process was trust and communication. This is why we seek to inform the customer as to why certain items take longer and cost more. When both parties are on the same page, it simply makes it easier to conduct business. As soon as there is a communication difficulty, problems will ensue.
Moreover, we have many new home builds dotted around the Mandurah landscapes and are registered builders with 28 years of industry experience. When it comes to building your new home, be assured Compass Homes will offer the best value for money, personalised service, a straightforward building process, and superior quality workmanship.
Call us now on 08 9583 4102 for more information on the design and build process.

What do I need to know about Compass Homes WA?

We are a trusted and reliable design and build contractor with an excellent track record. We are also easy to deal with and can hone your existing idea to make it more affordable and more easily accomplished. There are many creative ways to achieve the same result, but it does take some imagination for the ideas to sink in. The main thing you need to know about Compass Homes WA is that we seek to actively empower clients throughout the home build process to reduce stress and help them make informed choices.

Why should I choose Compass Homes WA for my new home?

There is a myriad of reasons to opt for Compass Homes. They include:

What do I need to start building in WA?

You need a building permit to start a new build. We submit this for you. Because we are familiar with this process, we submit all relevant information so you don’t get held up. There are many, many, many different types of permits, each required depending on the type of structure you want to build. We can also tell you the likelihood of a certain structure receiving approval, which is another advantage of using Compass Homes.

How do I know that Compass Homes is legitimate?

You can check our background with our verifiable licence numbers. Our builders’ registration number is 14510, our WA Building Commission number is 12565, and our Australian Business Number is 42166821021. We also have a significant number of complete home builds in the Mandurah area. You can even stop by our office in Mandurah and see for yourself!

What areas does Compass Homes do business?

We build homes and extensions across Mandurah and the wider area. The list of areas we have previously covered includes:

What services does Compass Homes offer?

Compass Homes can provide:
We have extensive expertise in each area and work with industry veterans who are likewise known for their reliability and experience. This is another reason why we offer such good value for money and can offer flexible design features.
Call us now on 08 9583 4102 for more information about Compass Homes WA.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Compass Homes, WA is fast, courteous and affordable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home plan and wants to build!
Hayden Clark
Great customer service and I really enjoyed working with the people at Compass Homes, WA. They’re quick to answer my questions and worked hard to make sure I had what I needed.
Samantha Adams
I asked for multiple changes and all were quickly touched and requested. Communication is exceptionally good. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. I recommend Compass Homes WA to anyone.
Ariana Gilbert

Why Choose Compass Homes WA

28 Years Industry Experience Icon

28 Years Industry Experience

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HIA Member

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Affordable Prices

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Personalised Service

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Straightforward Building Process

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Licensed, Insured, & Registered

How can we help you?

Feel free to fill in the form if you have questions about building your new home in Mandurah or the Whole Perth Metro.

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