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Why Choose Compass Homes WA

Why Choose Compass Homes WA

The home building industry is often complicated, opaque, and prone to delay and miscommunication. This is problematic given that building your home is the biggest financial decision you will ever make.
We at Compass Homes strive to remove the confusion from the entire endeavour with our clear lines of communication and our friendly, direct approach to home building. We offer personalised and uniquely tailored home designs to match your budget and your preferences.
As a ‘design and build’ contractor, we can draft up the designs and also embark on the practical side of putting the bricks together. This is highly advantageous in the sense that we factor in cost and complexity when we are creating the blueprint. This way, you don’t get blown away by the final cost, as is often the case when dealing with architectural drawings finally sent to a building contractor.
We are licenced, insured, and registered builders offering a variety of services. In addition, we have 28 years of industry experience.
There are many more reasons to choose Compass Homes, WA.
Call us now on 08 9583 4102 to learn more.

Why Choose Compass Homes WA

28 Years Industry Experience Icon

28 Years Industry Experience

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HIA Member

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Affordable Prices

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Personalised Service

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Straightforward Building Process

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Licensed, Insured, & Registered

What services do you provide?

Compass Homes provides two-storey and three-storey home extensions, other unique home extensions, custom builds, new home builds, renovations, and designs. If you need a structural upgrade to your home, then we can design and build it for you. We can also offer commercial builds and project management expertise.

What is a ‘design and build’ contractor?

Put simply, a design and build contractor is one that both designs and builds a structure. This can be contrasted to the older way of doing things where a client would go to an architect to draft up plans and then take them to a builder. Design and build are far more efficient in comparison. There is a single point of responsibility which eliminates needless finger pointing. In short, this reduces your costs and increases the efficiency at which the project can be completed.

What are the principles of Compass Homes WA?

No great company ever became great without solidifying its ideals and sticking to them. At Compass Homes, we believe in active collaboration with clients from the outset and in giving them all of the information necessary to make informed decisions. We couple this with efficient and direct building methods so that costs are low but satisfaction and design are sky-high.

How do I know if a builder is legitimate or not?

Always confirm that the builder you are working with is licenced, insured, and registered. Check for these on the company website. This is only the first step. High-quality building contractors should be able to showcase their home builds to you and be easy to contact. Finally, no matter how many checks you have conducted, give them a call and trust your intuition. If you don’t feel comfortable, go with somebody else.

How can I find out more information regarding Compass Homes?

Our builders’ registration number is 14510, our WA Building Commission number is 12565, and our Australian Business Number is 42166821021. All of our contractors are similarly licenced and insured to operate. A list of completed projects can be found in our gallery. And you can get in touch with us directly:

What areas do you service?

Our office is based in Mandurah, and we build in the following locations:
We have a solid reputation around Mandurah and many people in the area can recommend us.
For more information on what we supply and at what cost, get in touch with Reece Grantham on 0403 724 878 today.

How can we help you?

Feel free to fill in the form if you have questions about building your new home in Mandurah or the Whole Perth Metro.

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