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Two-Storey Homes Mandurah

Elegant Two-Storey Homes In Mandurah

Building a well designed two-storey home with the assistance of Compass Homes makes a whole lot of sense. It is a great way to maximise the use of space and take advantage of great views. These homes are more thermally efficient (the heat from the bottom rising upwards to the second floor) and add a sense of grandeur as compared to smaller homes.
But it all depends on how the house is built and how much thought you put into it, in conjunction with professional advice. There are multiple aspects to home building and it all has to come together seamlessly so that you have a house in Mandurah that you are happy to show friends and family.
We have crafted many elegant two-storey homes in Mandurah and can do the same for you. No two home designs are the same and we have a unique process allowing you to express clearly what you want so we are both confident on what needs to be done, the time frame to achieve it, and the maximum budget.
For elegant and well constructed homes in Mandurah, call us now on 08 9583 4102.

Should I get single or two-storey homes in Mandurah?

This depends on what you are looking for. A larger home is going to cost more but will ultimately give you more space, and it is still an investment as opposed to a wasted cost. But this does not offset that it is more of an upfront cost. Yet there are other considerations, such as the flow of land around the house, if you simply need the space, and the flow of the home itself. But it all comes down to your preferences. In some instances a single-storey is fine, in others, you might need the extra storey.

Have you worked on many two-storey dwellings in Mandurah?

Absolutely. Check out our gallery of successfully completed projects to see some of our home designs. It is not the entire list, and we can build designs that surpass what we have already done. Compass Homes are always looking to improve as much as possible.

What are the advantages of two-storey homes in Mandurah?

There are multiple benefits  compared to a single-storey home. While they might be more expensive, the added space should more than make up for it. A two-storey home allows for better compartmentalisation between the sleeping quarters (typically upstairs) and the living areas. You’ll have more space and benefit from thermal efficiency, not to mention better views from the bedroom.

What are the primary disadvantages of multi-storey homes in Mandurah?

Building upwards is more complex than building out, and you need to purchase the use of expensive scaffolding which will never be recuperated. It will also cost more and take longer to build. While estimates vary, a second storey can add 30% of the cost compared to a single-storey of the same size. A home extension might seem like a better option. However, the extra costs may be offset by saving on the price of land compared to extending horizontally. Decreases in plot sizes in WA has led many to opt for a second storey, and not without good reason.

What authorities govern home designs in Mandurah?

The dominant legislation is the Home Building Contracts Act of 1991, which outlines the codes. These codes are enforced by regional authorities like the Government of Western Australia Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, who distributes OHS and compliance guidelines. Local authorities and councils in Mandurah are then involved in terms of permits and applications. If all this sounds confusing to you, don’t worry. Compass Homes is familiar with every knock and cranny and is compliant with all of the procedures. We can even give you some tips on how to speed things along, where this is possible.

Why should I choose Compass Homes for my build in Mandurah?

There are multiple reasons to select Compass Homes. We have over 28 years of industry experience, not just in general, but in Mandurah. In other words, we know all of the laws and regulations down to the last brick and kerb.
We also know the best contractors and veterans in the industry – this is who we like to work with. Aside from our extensive expertise, we offer affordable homes in Mandurah with budgets that can be tailored to meet your preferences.
If you’re in the market for well designed and elegant two-storey homes in Mandurah, call Compass homes to turn the idea into a reality now – 08 9583 4102.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Compass Homes, WA is fast, courteous and affordable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home plan and wants to build!
Hayden Clark
Great customer service and I really enjoyed working with the people at Compass Homes, WA. They’re quick to answer my questions and worked hard to make sure I had what I needed.
Samantha Adams
I asked for multiple changes and all were quickly touched and requested. Communication is exceptionally good. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. I recommend Compass Homes WA to anyone.
Ariana Gilbert

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